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     Changxian new material is a national high-tech enterprise, meanwhile it   establishes cooperative relations with domestic and foreign universities and   scientific research institutions.

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    Established   on 18th May 2005, we at "Zhuhai Changxian New Material Technology Co.,   Ltd" with Paid-in Capital 0f 59,493,600RMB, are recognized as  a national high-tech e

    National High-tech Enterprises Zhuhai Key Enterprise Technology Center (PPS)Research Center of Materials Engineering Technology 16 items

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  • What is the reason why the cleaning agent is not clean and the surface is white?

     Generally, the cleaning is not clean and the surface is white. The cleaning agent is not clean enough to dissolve the rosin residue on the PCB. In this case, it is necessary to replace a product with strong cleaning power, such as our YM-8, YM-17. The series cleaning effect is very strong, both products can be manually cleaned and machine cleaned.

  • Is there any faster cleaning agent?

    For some products that need to evaporate quickly, we also have relative products, such as YM-18, but the cleaning power of these products is relatively weak, this product is only suitable for manual cleaning, not suitable for machine cleaning.

  • Will it damage the capacitance by using cleaning solvent to clean the PCBA?

    Generally speaking, it will happen when the cleaning time is too long, cause the cleaning strength is related closely to the time by ultrasonic cleaning. In general, it takes short time by strong detergent, so we suggest to use strong detergent to clean within 1min. Besides,  do not put the whole power strip into the liquid, the best way is that just put the PCBA by the edge, and the liquid cannot cover the plugin. It greatly reduces the corrosiveness of the components.

  • Is the cleaning solvent hazardous? What should I pay attention to during use?

    There are many kinds of cleaning solvent,  the performance and cleaning process of cleaning solvent are different according to cleaning object, residue and different to washing object, residue, and stain.

    But in general, almost all the cleaning solvent can be divided into two kinds: flammable and non-flammable. When store and use the fammable type of cleaning solvent, the requirements for the surrounding environment is relatively high. Besides, the compatibility, corrosion, odor and other issues of cleaning solvent should be paid attention to. In a word, no matter what kind of chemical products, the chemical hazard is always more or less existed, so when use or contact them, we must pay attention to use it and its MSDS, especially before you fully understand its performance.

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